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The evolution in online payments Online payments at web shops have undergone rapid evolution, especially with recent... » Read more
Blockchain for website domains? All about Handshake (HNS) The first big question, what is Handshake (HNS)? Handshake self report; Handshake is a... » Read more
The rise and fall of Netscape (and the Rise of Mozilla) Before Netscape, before the internet, there were online services. These were largely text-based... » Read more
Microsoft's plans for Windows 10 in 2021 The first devices running Windows 10X may be in stores from the first half of 2021. The... » Read more
Chrome update makes browser faster and more energy efficient The last Chrome update of the year is all about speeding up the browser. Especially when you... » Read more
Windows 10 October 2020 update Microsoft has prepared the Windows 10 October 2020 update for you and it can be installed in two... » Read more
Flash support Firefox ends Mozilla announces that Firefox will no longer support Flash from January 2021. The outdated... » Read more
Netflix High Score Nothing is better than losing yourself in a documentary series and being thrown back to the... » Read more
Zorin OS 15.3 is here Newer software. Work better with the updated LibreOffice. Improved hardware compatibility and... » Read more
Zorin Support Forum We’re excited to launch the all-new Zorin Forum today. We’ve been working hard to... » Read more
Windows 10 may 2020 update It is spring so that means another major Windows 10 update. The May 2020 update is available to... » Read more
Thuiswerk Tips Thuiswerken wordt steeds populairder. Zeker nu we door het corona virus meer thuis zitten... » Read more
Cleaning up your office Your office is often a collection place of post-it notes, documents, chargers, tea bags and... » Read more
Laptop on Installment without BKR Nobody likes to wait for their laptop. Whether you are looking for a gaming laptop, a laptop for... » Read more
Microsoft Clippy is back and just as useless Microsoft Clippy is back, and just as useless as you used to be. Who doesn't know him,... » Read more
Extremely low prices for software: how is it possible !? Thousands of (second-hand) software licenses are unlawfully distributed Can you just buy... » Read more
Fast, faster, fastest: SSD versus hard drive With the SSD 970 EVO Plus, Samsung makes the fastest SSDs that you can now choose. But how fast... » Read more
Buy a laptop on installment without interest Nobody likes to wait for their laptop. Whether you are looking for a gaming laptop, a laptop for... » Read more
SKIKK Green 14 Review Summarized The SKIKK Green 14 has a 14" screen and a weight of 1 kilogram. That is... » Read more
Don't miss out on the Fortnite World Cup Today is finally the day, the biggest Fortnite event ever, the Fortnite World Cup. With a... » Read more
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