Flash support Firefox ends

Published on 11 januari 2021

Mozilla announces that Firefox will no longer support Flash from January 2021. The outdated plug-in is being removed from most major browsers and Firefox does this in two steps, it turns out.

On January 12, Firefox will stop loading Flash content on websites. Then on January 26 a new version of the browser will be released, Firefox 85. There is no trace of Flash in it. You probably don't notice much of this in practice. On most websites, Flash components have since been replaced by more modern alternatives such as HTML5.

Not just Mozilla

Mozilla isn't the only tech company to wave Flash goodbye. The whole reason is that even the Flash creators themselves, namely Adobe, are discontinuing support for the plug-in. No more security updates, when vulnerabilities are discovered for the umpteenth time. Microsoft also recently released an update for Windows 10, which works Flash out of the operating system.

Source: ComputerIdee