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SKIKK - Configure a Mini PC or laptop yourself

SKIKK® is unique, skikk is the Norwegian translation of Custom. SKIKK laptops, mini pc's, all in one computers and desktop computers are different, unique, but above all custom made. Every basic laptop is customizable and because you can decide how you want to receive the laptop or computer, you can always have the perfect laptop or computer at home or at the office. SKIKK laptops are only available online and from a select number of partners.

The SKIKK promise

What makes every SKIKK a special experience?

Whether you're looking for a gaming laptop or business mini PC or now... it's not just a laptop or mini PC, it's so much more.

Like master artists hard at work in their fields, we meticulously observe the smallest details at every step of the production process. From the degree of tension on each heatsink mounting screw, to the precise application of thermal paste to each CPU and GPU chip, every part is meticulously maintained and every action performed expertly. For us, the production process is much more than just putting together a laptop. It is a form of art and custom made with love for you.

Choose, customize & transform.

Every major hardware component on any SKIKK laptop or mini PC is customizable. More importantly, you have the ability to choose, customize and transform your new SKIKK into the ultimate laptop you've always wanted. It is a custom laptop of the highest standard..

Optimal thermal efficiency.

Every SKIKK is treated with High Performance thermal paste as standard. But can also be upgraded to the world's best micronised-diamond liquid metal cooling if desired. This provides the very best heat transfer between the GPU/CPU and SKIKK's internal copper heatsink, achieving only the most optimal heat dissipation.

The industry's most reliable high-end laptops.

Our products are among the most reliable, not only because of our obsession with the quality of our craftsmanship, but also because of the extensive testing process that all our laptops go through after production.

Through years of research, we have developed a series of testing procedures that cover all aspects of the laptop's hardware capabilities. Because of this elaborate process, every SKIKK laptop leaves us with superior stability, far more than conventional mainstream brands.

Pixel perfection.

The screen is the most important part of any task on your laptop. That's why we take screen quality so seriously. Every laptop that leaves us goes through an extensive checking process. We even offer screens with 100% Adobe RGB and sRGB.


SKIKK - Passion in every laptop