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Prestaties en productiviteit met de nieuwe SKIKK Pro - 15” premium laptop De SKIKK Pro is uiterst snel en krachtig. We hebben deze premium laptop tot in het kleinste... » Read more
Afhaalpunten in 250 vestigingen van HEMA HEMA opent op vrijdag 22 januari in ruim 250 filialen een pakketpunt om de... » Read more
SKIKK start met Samsung 870 EVO Samsung, wereldwijd marktleider in geavanceerde geheugentechnologie, kondigt met de 870 EVO... » Read more
Microsoft's plans for Windows 10 in 2021 The first devices running Windows 10X may be in stores from the first half of 2021. The... » Read more
Work super fast thanks to SSD Finished waiting to open a large file? Do you need to be able to move your photos and videos... » Read more
Chrome update makes browser faster and more energy efficient The last Chrome update of the year is all about speeding up the browser. Especially when you... » Read more
GeForce RTX: Game On Event GeForce RTX: Game On A SPECIAL BROADCAST   Join us as we unveil the... » Read more
DOOM Eternal | GeForce RTX 3080 4K Gameplay Watch the DOOM Eternal gameplay captured on a GeForce RTX 3080 at blistering speed in 4K and... » Read more
Windows 10 October 2020 update Microsoft has prepared the Windows 10 October 2020 update for you and it can be installed in... » Read more
Flash support Firefox ends Mozilla announces that Firefox will no longer support Flash from January 2021. The outdated... » Read more
Work smart from home through multitasking We increasingly work from home. It is then important to manage your time smartly and work... » Read more
NVIDIA RTX 3000 serie laptops From January we will be launching the NVIDIA RTX 3000 series of laptops. Traditionally, we... » Read more
SKIKK products now available in Belgium Kampen, The Netherlands - SKIKK® announces that most SKIKK products have been available... » Read more
We are not participating in Black Friday this year The end of the year is approaching. A period that we like to share with friends and family.... » Read more
SKIKK introduces Pantone Certified Laptops Kampen, The Netherlands - SKIKK has announced several laptops with new screens that have... » Read more
Customers speak: SKIKK 17LU70 Review At SKIKK we are naturally proud of our products and we would like to tell you that. But who... » Read more
Frequently asked questions coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 14-10-2020: Due to the current measures, it has been decided to close our Experience... » Read more
SKIKK 17GKNR review The king of the Ryzen laptops, SKIKK 17GKNR Review by: monkeyzmk Product: SKIKK... » Read more
Update SKIKK Command Center Suitable computers: I am using Gaming Center or Command Center -> Yes, then you can... » Read more
Update SKIKK Command Center Suitable computers: I am using Gaming Center or Command Center -> Yes, then you can... » Read more
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