Our Struggle for the Atlantic Rainforest: Results and Challenges

Published on 07 november 2023

In our recent blog post we discussed our overall environmental impact results at SKIKK, proudly reporting that we have saved and offset 90,364.89 KG of CO2 to date in 2023, and a total of 202,145.84 KG since January 2020 These impressive figures reflect our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

Today we dive deeper into our partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and take a look at the specific results we've achieved in our efforts to protect and restore the Atlantic Rainforest. Together with the WWF, we have achieved important milestones in the fight for nature conservation and biodiversity. Let's take a closer look at what we've accomplished together.

Collaboration with WWF: In-depth Insights into Our Conservation Efforts

In our ongoing commitment to environmental conservation and biodiversity, we work closely with local partners and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to drive positive change in the Atlantic Rainforest. Here are some notable results of our collaboration:

Protection of National Parks and Natural Reserves : We worked together to prevent bills to reduce national parks in Brazil's Congress. In addition, we supported the establishment of important protected areas in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, such as Mantiqueira State Monument and Castelhanos Extractive Reserve.

Forest restoration initiatives : Thanks to partnerships with 66 organizations, governments, knowledge institutes, companies and NGOs, we have restored a total of 13,000 hectares across the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest. We also restored 295 hectares of forest in Brazil and 30 hectares in Argentina, resulting in improved access to water for local communities. Our efforts also include educational initiatives such as the Brazilian Restoration Olympiad, involving 7,000 students.

Species conservation : We contributed to a large-scale jaguar census project in the region around Iguazú Falls, where an average of 90 jaguars were counted. This research is of great importance for the conservation of this iconic species. In addition, we have focused on the conservation of endangered bird and animal species in the Atlantic Rainforest.

Construction of Jaguar Corridors : In the Upper Paraná region, one of the most important remaining areas of the Atlantic Rainforest, we have been working to restore jaguar habitat by planting forests and creating food forests. This contributes to the creation of a habitat and corridors for jaguars and their prey, with the support of 3FM Serious Request and other donors.

Challenges and Obstacles : In the second half of 2021, our efforts were hampered by the ongoing corona restrictions. Physical meetings and contact with landowners were not possible, making it difficult to establish new collaborations and determine locations for forest restoration.

In Brazil we have made efforts to stop the government's anti-government policy. We did this through targeted (inter)national lobbying, scientific evidence in legal cases and public campaigns. We hope to be able to collaborate more with the government in the coming government period to strengthen area protection and scale up forest restoration.

These challenges highlight the importance of continued commitment and collaboration to address threats to the Atlantic Rainforest and work towards a more sustainable future for these valuable ecosystems. Together with WWF, we remain committed to protecting and restoring these crucial natural areas.