Warranty & Repair

Do you have a problem with your product? No worries, we will help you.



SKIKK likes clarity. You don't want to be faced with surprises during your repair. That is why we have here a number of our standard rates for your repair, such as for a maintenance visit, a checkup, data backup or a reinstallation.

 Maintenance service   49,- incl. vat
  Make dust free
  Cleaning inside
  Exterior cleaning
  RAM test
  New thermal paste (Noctua NT-H2)
  Virus check
  Driver update
  Stress test
  Insured return
  Time: 1 working day


 Reinstallation   45,- incl. vat
  Reinstall Windows
  Installation of drivers
  Stress test


 Backup   45,- incl. vat
  Create backup
  Restore backup


Your laptop is defective

Annoying that you have a problem with your laptop! Fortunately we can solve this for you. We always give you a 2-year carry-in guarantee on manufacturing defects on all laptops. In short, it means that your laptop cannot break down within 2 years with normal use. If this is the case, we will repair or replace your product free of charge.

Carry-in warranty:  we ask you to return or send the defective product to us. For this you pay shipping costs yourself. In this case the product is repaired at SKIKK or at an external repairer.


Warranty rules

The brand of your laptop or component determines which defects are covered by the warranty. The repair company will then check whether your defect is covered by the warranty or not. Register your product for a repair via the orange button.

 Does the defect fall within the warranty?
  Then the repair is free. Your product will be delivered to you for free after the repair.
 Is the defect outside the warranty?
  Then you will receive a quote for the repair. You can then choose whether you want your product repaired for those costs. A repair takes about 10 working days. If the repair company has to order new parts, it may take a little longer.
 What is in any case not covered by the guarantee?
  Moisture, fall, impact and pressure damage * are never covered by the warranty. You therefore always receive a quote. Moisture damage can also not be repaired. Our employees determine whether this is the case.
  Damage caused by a short circuit from the outside. Examples of this are lightning or the use of the wrong adapter. Our employees determine whether this is the case.
  Batteries after 6 months, because this part has a maximum of 6 months warranty.
  We provide a maximum of 1 year warranty in the general sense of the word on screens built into laptops. After this period, defects in displays can no longer be attributed to manufacturing faults and the warranty on the screen itself expires.
  Software problems and / or problems caused by software such as programs, drivers, operating system, etc. Our employees determine whether this is the case.
 What does pixel guarantee mean?
  Have you purchased an extra dead pixel guarantee when purchasing? View our guidelines for this extra guarantee here.
 Register product for repair?
  Do you want to send your product for repair? First make a backup of all your data and put your laptop back to the factory settings. Then register your product via the orange button.

Request Repair


I had an accident, can you fix this too?

Always annoying when your product breaks, even if you are responsible for the damage. For example, have you dropped your laptop on the floor and the screen no longer works. Bales! We can help you with this, but the costs are for your own account

  Register your return via the online return form and send it back to us or return via one of our stores.
  Your product will be sent to our repair center or the supplier or the repairer designated by them.
  They investigate the damage, determine whether it is user damage or a manufacturing defect and how high the costs are to repair it.
 Price quote
  You will receive an e-mail with the price quote and then we will wait for your choice before we proceed with the repair. If you agree or want to receive your product back you will receive a payment link to be able to pay the amount.



I have received a quote

Unfortunately, it was found that your repair is not covered by the warranty. You therefore have 3 choices with a quotation received.

 You agree with the quotation.
  The product is then repaired. In most cases you will have it back within 2 weeks after your agreement, but if this takes longer, we will let you know.
 You do not agree with the quotation, but you do want your product back.
  You then pay € 65 in research costs and you receive your product back.
 You do not agree with the quotation and you do not want the product back.
  You pay no research costs and the product is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way..



Do you also have a complaints procedure?

Because we want to provide our customers with an optimal service, we believe it is important to hear from you if you have complaints about the product you have purchased. Do this - also to limit any damage - as quickly as possible. According to the law, a complaint is made known in time if it occurs within two months of discovery. This also applies in the event that the purchased product does not have the characteristics that you might expect under the purchase agreement. It is in your interest to make your complaints known in writing, preferably via our contact form.

If you submit a complaint to us, it will be answered within 4 days at the latest. If we need more time for this, we will let you know within 4 days when you can expect an answer.



* Explanation of fall, pressure, impact, use or moisture damage: This type of damage can occur in several ways. Common causes are frequent use or bumping / dropping the device. This may result in the product no longer functioning properly. Damage can also occur if strong pressure is applied to the device. Consider sitting on your device or carrying your device in a too tight bag. This can cause your product to warp. This can cause damage that is not visible on the outside, but as a result of which a number of functions no longer work (properly).

  * Explanation of water or moisture damage: Water or moisture damage can have various causes. The most common is that the device comes into contact with water or another liquid. If you use your device in a damp room, damage may also occur. Consider use in the bathroom or when it is foggy. In addition, sweat, clammy hands or large differences in temperature can also cause your device to stop functioning properly.