Are you considering leasing a laptop for business?

If you are looking for new hardware, such as laptops and desktop PCs, but do not want to make a large investment for the time being, a leasing concept such as Device as a Service (DaaS) offers an extremely interesting option. Especially from a financial perspective, leasing a desktop PC or laptop can be very attractive. We have a partnership with Computer Lease Netherlands to make this possible.


The Benefits of Business Laptop Leasing

The financially attractive aspect of leasing a Windows Pro laptop for a fixed monthly amount is remarkable. Here are the main benefits of this leasing option:

- No initial large investment required.
- The laptops are not recorded as assets on your balance sheet.
- A single source of financing for all your laptop needs.
- Always work with the most current laptops in use.


Steps for Applying for a Lease

Do you want to benefit from the convenience of leasing? Follow these simple steps to submit your application:

Step 1 - Add product: Place the desired product in your shopping cart.

Step 2 - Choose Business Leasing: Go to your shopping cart and choose the 'Business Leasing' option.


Would you rather contact an account manager first?

If desired, you can also contact an account manager directly for personal guidance.

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Applying for a lease has never been easier. Get started today and enjoy the benefits of leasing for your business needs.