Pay with Klarna.

Our payment methods make shopping at your favorite stores even more fun. With Klarna you pay for your purchase now, in 3 installments, up to 30 days later or in up to 36 installments.

Not every option is possible in every country, below you will find all the information and a list of which option is possible in which country.


Klarna Pay now Pay Later Pay in 3 parts
The Netherlands (max. €2,500) (max. €4,000)
Belgium (max. €1,500)
Germany (max. €4,000) (max. €5,000)
France (max. €1,500)
Austria (max. €5,000) (max. €5,000)
Finland (max. €3,000) (max. €5,000)



Pay in 3 parts

Shop your favorite product today, spread the purchase amount over 60 days and pay in 3 interest-free installments. How? Klarna splits your purchase amount into 3 equal parts. You pay with the purchase, after 30 days and after 60 days by direct debit. This way you don't have to worry about it anymore and you can enjoy your new purchase to the fullest. You can always repay early.

Choose your payment method

In your favorite webshop you select Klarna as payment method. Choose 'Pay in 3 parts'. The amount must be a minimum of €35 and a maximum of €4,000 per purchase.

Your payment schedule

Your purchase amount is divided into 3 interest-free parts. In the payment schedule you can see exactly which amount is debited and when. Klarna automatically deducts the amounts from your account.

Your payments

You pay the 1st part immediately with the purchase, the 2nd part after 30 days and the 3rd part after 60 days. After 60 days, your purchase is complete. No interest, no worries.



Pay later. (up to and including 30 days)

Shop today and enjoy your new acquisition right away. If you are immediately satisfied, you pay in the app. Not immediately satisfied? Try it a little longer. You pay for the purchase up to 30 days later. No interest. No extra costs. Well, smoooth.

The order :

In the shopping cart of your favorite shop you enter simple personal data that you always have in your memory, such as address and name.

The payment term

The payment term of 30 days starts as soon as the purchase is shipped. This means you can take the time to try out your purchase. So you only pay for what you keep.

The payment

You pay easily in the app with creditcard or a local payment method, or, once your bank account is securely linked to the app, with one click.


Pay in installments.

By splitting your payment into installments, you can spread your costs over a maximum of 36 months. You can tailor a payment plan to your specific needs.


Pay now.

Are you sure of your purchase and do you therefore prefer to pay directly? For you we have 'Pay now'. Does the purchase not meet your expectations? No problem. Our buyer protection will not let you down.


Why can't I pay with Klarna anymore?

You may find that you do not have all or all of Klarna's payment options available to you when you make a new purchase with Klarna. Various factors, such as missed or late payments or reported financial difficulties, may cause you to be blocked from further using Klarna.

We understand that it can be frustrating to be refused a purchase after a previous approval. But our approval process helps Klarna to responsibly offer our services to our customers. SKIKK has no influence on this.