SKIKK's Sustainable Journey

Published on 06 november 2023

As a sustainable company, we are increasingly focusing on ecological and environmentally friendly products. Products that are less harmful to the environment and that are produced fairly by people who earn a fair wage. We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint and protecting the planet for future generations.

Let's start with the most important thing: "How are we doing?"

Since January 2020, we have made impressive strides in our mission to protect and restore Earth. We have done this by switching to more sustainable materials and production methods, as well as by working with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to protect and plant forests worldwide. Unlike some companies that use production forests for greenwashing, we invest in forests that will last forever, without production interests.

Trees planted and/or permanently protected together with the WWF:

  • SKIKK trees: 4559

CO2 savings and/or compensation:

  • Total compensation (2023 to November 7, 2023): 90,364.89 KG
  • Total compensation (since January 1, 2020): 202,145.84 KG

This data is updated monthly and we remain committed to protecting and restoring the planet with open information.

SKIKK and the World Wildlife Fund; Plant 1 trillion trees

Together with the WWF, we are working on a shared goal: protecting or planting a trillion trees by 2050. It is our collective effort to create living forests and a habitable Earth.

Climate Compensation

For every SKIKK laptop or desktop sold, the WWF plants 1 tree that will last forever. You will receive the first tree from us, and you have the option before and afterwards to plant additional trees to further compensate your CO2 footprint. Our most sustainable laptops, such as the SKIKK Green series, even plant 2 trees per sale as standard.

Why are we doing this? Each laptop supplied by SKIKK, powered by 'grey' electricity, produces approximately as much CO2 annually as a single tree can convert into oxygen and biomass in a year. By offsetting this consumption for you, you can use your laptop with peace of mind, knowing that you are contributing to the environment by ordering it from us.

Our Green series laptops have ecologically constructed housings, and to further encourage this, we reimburse the 'grey' power consumption in CO2 compensation for 2 years.

By 2030 we want to ensure that:

  • 50% of all forests worldwide are protected or well managed.
  • Deforestation has stopped.
  • 350 million hectares of forest have been restored.

Our Commitment

We are committed to establishing protected areas and helping to manage them well by involving local communities, training park rangers and purchasing necessary tools. We restore forests where they are needed most, by restoring soil, planting trees and protecting these areas. We promote sustainable production methods for forestry, fisheries and other products in collaboration with the local population. Furthermore, we invest in research to support effective conservation and predict and prevent deforestation.

Completely Recycled. That is our Goal.

We strive to produce the best products in the world using the highest quality materials. Our SKIKK Green, Loki & Niflheim series are manufactured with a special recyclable magnesium alloy for the Green series and recycled aluminum for the other series, without compromising on quality.

Local Production in the EU for Standard SSDs and Memory

An important milestone in our sustainability journey is the shift to local production of standard SSDs and memory within the European Union. By bringing this production within the EU, we reduce the ecological footprint associated with long international transports and contribute to the regional economy. This allows us to not only deliver high-quality products, but also to support local employment and reduce dependence on external suppliers. At SKIKK we continually strive to make our production processes more sustainable and local production is an important step in that direction.

Paper and Packaging

All the paper we use is produced responsibly, with wood fibers from recycled or renewable sources and without synthetic brighteners. We minimize paper waste by printing on both sides and send invoices via email in PDF format. Our receipts are printed on BPA-free thermal paper. Our suppliers source wood from responsibly managed forests when new fibers are needed.

*Environmentally friendly packaging is used when packaging and preparing orders for shipment, such as recycled cardboard and paper. Packaging we receive from suppliers is reused to minimize waste.


We ensure that waste is carefully sorted and recycled where possible, including non-reusable cardboard boxes from packaging, which are presented separately to recycling services.

Clean energy

Our Experience Center, office and data center run on 100% renewable electricity from Vattenfall (formerly NUON). Vattenfall has committed itself to the goal of "fossil-free living within one generation". We believe in the importance of this commitment and the positive steps already being taken towards fossil-free energy production.

Reusable Parts

We actively encourage our customers to reuse existing RAM or SSD storage when upgrading to a new laptop or computer. By promoting reuse, we contribute to less overconsumption and reduce the impact of the throwaway culture.

Right to Repair

At SKIKK we believe that products should last longer and be repairable when they break down. We are committed to products designed for repair, and we embrace the repairability requirements adopted by the European Commission on October 1, 2019 as a positive step. However, we believe that there is still a lot of work to be done as some manufacturers hinder the opening, upgrading or repair of their products. At SKIKK, you as a customer are given the right to access, upgrade, repair and more, extending the life of our products and giving you full ownership of your purchase.


We use UPS and DHL for our transport, a company that has set itself the goal of reducing all logistics CO2 emissions to zero by 2050. DHL minimizes the use of fossil fuels and natural resources and strives for efficiency and innovation in logistics processes and transport. DHL thus fulfills an exemplary role in the field of sustainability in transport and logistics.

Responsibility of Suppliers

At SKIKK we impose strict requirements on ourselves and our suppliers in the areas of labor and human rights, health and safety in the workplace, environmental practices and responsible sourcing of raw materials. We continue to hold our suppliers accountable for responsible behavior and practices.

Solidarity and Diversity

We believe that our ambitions can only be achieved if employees can be themselves. SKIKK is proud of its LGBTQI+ friendly policy and recognizes the importance of different perspectives and talents to be more creative and innovative. This allows us to better understand and serve customers.

Sustainable Banking

With ING's Terra approach, we also opt for sustainable banking, which helps us achieve our sustainability goals.


At our head office we provide fresh fruit for all our employees. This fruit is organic as much as possible and comes from local farmers, minimizing our impact on the environment.

SKIKK remains committed to its mission to protect and restore the environment, and we are proud of the steps we have taken so far. We continue to strive for sustainable products, responsible business practices and preserving the planet for future generations. Together with our customers and partners, we can continue to make a positive impact and make the world a better place.