SKIKK introduces a new generation of laptops with RTX 4000 video cards

Published on 28 februari 2023

SKIKK introduces new generation laptops with the latest 13th generation Intel processor and the RTX 4000 series graphics cards, which are available for fully customizable configurations.

With these latest technologies, SKIKK laptops offer unparalleled performance and efficiency. The 13th generation Intel processor provides maximum speed and power, allowing users to multitask, run heavy programs and edit videos without any lag. The RTX 4000 series graphics cards offer advanced performance and visual processing, allowing users to game, design and edit seamlessly.

But the benefits don't stop there. SKIKK also offers the option to fully customize the laptops to the user's wishes. From screen size to storage and RAM capacity, all components can be customized to create the perfect laptop to suit the user's specific needs.

SKIKK has always had customer satisfaction as a top priority. This is also reflected in the excellent customer service and free shipping offered on all orders.

The new generation of SKIKK laptops are available for order via the website and can be configured according to the user's wishes. SKIKK is pleased to offer these new laptops and looks forward to positive customer feedback.

View our new laptops here.

SKIKK revolutionized personal technology with the introduction of custom laptops in 2003. We give our users the ability to configure the "most personal computer" with thousands of unique options and combinations. We fight for our belief in making the best products we can while moving the industry towards a greener and more user-friendly future.

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