SKIKK Kyla: The New Definition of Extreme Laptop Cooling

Published on 02 oktober 2023

The quest for superior cooling for gaming and workstation laptops has opened a new chapter with the introduction of the SKIKK Kyla, an external water cooling system that is notable not only for its futuristic design but also for the astonishing performance boost it delivers.

A Fresh Breeze for your High-End Hardware

Let's dive into the remarkable claim that an Nvidia RTX 4080 paired with the SKIKK Kyla system can perform as fast as a standalone Nvidia RTX 4090.


Nvidia RTX 4080 - With SKIKK Kyla Water Cooling:


Nvidia RTX 4090 - Without SKIKK Kyla Water Cooling:

With a seemingly magical decrease of approximately 20° Celsius in processor and graphics card temperatures, the Kyla system not only delivers quieter operation - with fans only needing to run at 50% of their maximum speed - but also significant benefits in terms of lifespan and maximum computing power. Noise levels that stay low even under intense gaming or rendering loads mean your system is as quiet as it is powerful.

Portable Cooling on-the-go

Thanks to its compact design (186 x 203 x 75 millimeters) and a weight of only 1.39 kilograms (including coolant), the SKIKK Kyla offers exceptional cooling capacity without restricting the mobility of your laptop. With the ability to easily pack the cooling system into a backpack, superior cooling becomes as mobile as your laptop itself.

A Look Under the Hood of the Kyla

The Kyla system is distinguished by a combination of a 120 mm radiator, fan, pump and fluid reservoir in one elegant, futuristic chassis. The RGB lighting elements, which are customizable via software, add an aesthetic flair, making your laptop and cooling system look as cool as they feel.

Seamless Integration

With the built-in option and Bluetooth communication via the SKIKK Command Center, connecting the Kyla system is a piece of cake. The self-locking quick connector allows quick and easy connection and disconnection of the laptop, while the cooling system's power runs directly through the laptop itself, leaving all USB ports free for other needs.

Future-proof Design

The modular design means that this system is not limited to one generation of SKIKK laptops. Whether you plan to upgrade in the future or simply want to switch between different systems, the SKIKK Kyla offers a robust and durable cooling solution for current and future generations of hardware.

Conclusion: A Cool Future with SKIKK Kyla

The impressive results delivered by the SKIKK Kyla underline the power of advanced cooling technologies in unlocking the true potential of high-end laptop hardware. Whether you're a gamer, a content creator, a developer or a power user, the Kyla system's exceptional cooling performance and portability open new horizons of what's possible with mobile computing.

For those looking for the absolute peak in laptop performance without compromising on mobility and aesthetics, the SKIKK Kyla appears to be a breakthrough worth keeping an eye on.