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Thuiswerk Tips Thuiswerken wordt steeds populairder. Zeker nu we door het corona virus meer thuis zitten... » Read more
Cleaning up your office Your office is often a collection place of post-it notes, documents, chargers, tea bags and... » Read more
SKIKK is the first to introduce 10th generation i7 laptops As with most major introductions in recent years, SKIKK was traditionally the first with the... » Read more
Difference between USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 In 2015, two new connectors were introduced USB-C and Thunderbolt... » Read more
What is a mini PC? Computers and their parts are getting smaller and smaller. Those who buy a new laptop today will... » Read more
Laptop with linux Linux is an extraordinary computer operating system. It's everywhere from the United States... » Read more
Configure a custom gaming laptop Configure your ideal gaming laptop Configuring your own laptop is smart and inexpensive.... » Read more
Which student laptop is best for you? As a student, a laptop should not be missing from your arsenal to tackle your exams and thesis.... » Read more
Pay for your laptop in installments via SprayPay Pay afterwards with SprayPay With us you can now also pay in installments over 12, 18, 24 or... » Read more
Retro isn't always cool! Still not upgraded to SSD? Maybe you like to test your patience with the slow startup procedures... » Read more
Our opening hours during the holidays During the holiday month of December, our opening hours have been adjusted as... » Read more
SKIKK introduces lightweight magnesium gaming laptops Kampen, Netherlands – SKIKK™, this week launched a new product line, the SKIKK 15GKY... » Read more
End-of-year tip: Buy a laptop for business and save 2020 is approaching again: a great time to take a closer look at your finances. With a few... » Read more
This is how you install and configure Bitdefender on your PC The PC version of Bitdefender's Total Security is packed with features. Some you will use a... » Read more
What RAM do I need to upgrade my laptop? You place SODIMM memory modules in a laptop. This RAM is smaller than the RAM modules that you... » Read more
Which Intel processor should I choose? Every laptop has a processor. It is the heart of your notebook and plays a very important role... » Read more
Black Friday 2019 Black Friday 2019 is about to start. The time has come on Friday, November 29. The perfect day... » Read more
Laptop on Installment without BKR Nobody likes to wait for their laptop. Whether you are looking for a gaming laptop, a laptop for... » Read more
Microsoft Clippy is back and just as useless Microsoft Clippy is back, and just as useless as you used to be. Who doesn't know him,... » Read more
Extremely low prices for software: how is it possible !? Thousands of (second-hand) software licenses are unlawfully distributed Can you just buy... » Read more
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