SKIKK is the first to introduce 10th generation i7 laptops

Published on 22 april 2020

As with most major introductions in recent years, SKIKK was traditionally the first with the latest 10th generation Intel Core i7 processors.

SKIKK is expanding its line-up of tenth generation CPUs with more than 25 new laptops. Both the Intel Core i7 10750 with 6 cores and the 10875H with 12 cores are offered. The top versions have a boost frequency of 5.3 GHz, which is unseen for a laptop chip. This means that the SKIKK laptops are also equipped with the fastest laptop processors in the world.

Compose your laptop with a 10th generation Intel Core i7


Intel Core i7-10750H









12 MB


Intel UHD

Cores   threads   Base   Turbo   Smart Cache   Graphics


For most, the Core i7 10750H with its six computing cores will be the most interesting processor in the new line-up. The higher base clock speed combined with the more limited heat production that two cores less entail in theory, can in practice lead to a higher frequency per core. Moreover, six cores and twelve threads is more than sufficient for the majority of applications, especially if a higher clock speed is involved.

Intel Core i7 10e generatie vergelijking

Intel Core i7-10875H









16 MB


Intel UHD

Cores   threads   Basis   Turbo   Smart Cache   Graphics


SKIKK has the Core i7 10875H with its 8 computing cores for everyone who wants to use their laptop to the maximum. The higher Turbo clock speed combined with 4 extra threads and 4 MB more Smart Cache, will give the maximum computing power for any purpose. This is the fastest laptop processor in the world. And the first in the Netherlands, in a SKIKK Laptop.

10th Gen Intel Core i7 Laptops


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