Black Friday 2019

Published on 29 november 2019

Black Friday 2019 is about to start. The time has come on Friday, November 29. The perfect day to look for the best electronics deals. Are you still looking for a laptop, smartphone or other gadget? We have listed some tips for bargain hunters.

November 29 is Black Friday, the day to look forward to as a tech enthusiast! Every year the promotions get bigger and better and you can score really great electronics deals on laptops, computer parts, smartphones and tablets. You can of course just take a look at the sites of various web shops on Friday, but it is better to prepare well so that you do not miss any discounts.

What is Black Friday?

Of course you know that you can traditionally score good deals on Black Friday, but where does it actually come from? The day has come over from the United States, where it always takes place on the day after Thanksgiving. Because Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday and many Americans take a long weekend off, this Friday is a perfect day to score big discounts on all kinds of items.

Not only is this Friday a party for consumers, you have a chance to win big discounts all weekend long. The Monday after Black Friday is called Cyber ​​Monday and this is the day on which internet stores have offered their biggest bargains in recent years. It is true that the differences between Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are starting to fade. Nowadays you actually see that the entire weekend - from Friday to Monday - offers are flying around your ears.

Black Friday 2019 Laptop deals

SKIKK Base from 1599,- for 1499,-

SKIKK Pro from 2199,- for 2097,-

SKIKK LYNX from 2098,- for 1998,-