Zorin Support Forum

Published on 03 september 2020

We’re excited to launch the all-new Zorin Forum today. We’ve been working hard to make it the best and most welcoming place to find help and to help others with making the leap to Zorin OS.

What’s new

A beautiful, simple, and mobile-friendly design

We’ve refreshed the forum with a user-friendly design that integrates seamlessly with the rest of our website.

It intelligently adapts to your screen no matter the size, so it’s just as easy and comfortable to find answers and write posts on your phone as on your computer.

Conversations look cleaner and flow down one page, so scrolling through replies feels effortless. Long topics can be summarized in one click.

Find answers faster and easier than ever before

We’ve placed a stronger emphasis on searching for existing topics, so it’s easy to find if someone else has already asked the question you have. You can also sort by categories and tags to find all the topics about a specific app, device, or feature in Zorin OS.

If someone has already answered a question with a working solution, it’ll appear directly below the first post in the conversation. This makes it quick for everyone to see how to solve the issue, instead of needing to scroll through all of the replies to find a working solution.

Solution on the Zorin Forum

If you post a new topic on the forum and another member of the community answers with a working solution, simply press the “Solution” button on their reply.

Light and Dark themes

The new forum is easier on your eyes, no matter what time of the day it is. We’ve introduced a shiny new Light theme (default) and a Dark theme which you can enable after logging in. Simply open your profile page → Preferences → Interface and change the “Theme” option to “Dark”.

Light and Dark theme on the Zorin Forum

You can also set the option to “Enable automatic Dark Mode theme switching”, so the forum’s theme always matches the desktop theme on your computer. It works great with the Zorin Auto Theme feature in Zorin Appearance, which automatically switches between the Light and Dark theme throughout the day in Zorin OS 15.

Earn Badges for engagement

You can earn Badges by completing certain tasks, engaging with the community, and helping others on the forum. This makes the experience of asking questions and helping others even more fun.

Badges on the Zorin Forum

Stay tuned for news about surprises and prizes you can earn with badges on the forum!

…And much more

These were just some of the main improvements over the old forum. There are a lot more new features and goodies such as:

  • Emoji & GIF support
  • Polls in posts
  • Write with Markdown formatting
  • Two-factor authentication support
  • Log in with an email link
  • @username mentions
  • Auto-save draft posts

What will happen to the old forum?

You’ll still be able to visit the old forum and post new replies to existing topics there until 17 September 2020. Afterwards, the old forum will be converted into a read-only static archive.

Users of the old forum will need to create a new account on the new Zorin Forum.

We believe that these new improvements will make the forum a much more welcoming and helpful place for everyone to find support for Zorin OS.

That way, we can help each other to make the transition away from proprietary operating systems a great experience and grow the community, for the benefit of all.