Windows 10 may 2020 update

Published on 29 mei 2020

It is spring so that means another major Windows 10 update. The May 2020 update is available to all SKIKK users from today. In this article we will tell you more about the installation and all the new features.


How can I install the Windows 10 May 2020 update?

As always, there is talk of a rollout, so not all PCs will be offered the update at the same time today. You may have to wait a few days.

1. go to Settings -> Update & security.

There may be previous updates waiting for you to install.

2. Click Download and install updates

It may be that there are still some updates ready from the past.

3. Notification: Your PC has been updated.

Nevertheless, click on Check for updates. If you are given the option to install Features Update to Windows 10, version 2004, then you know that the May 2020 Update is available for you.

4. Click Download and Install Now

Keep in mind that a reboot of your system is required. Make sure you have saved all open documents, mails, programs and games, so that you do not lose any work because the computer will restart. It is also always wise to back up important files in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.


What's new?

These major updates used to be full of new programs, useful tools and more, but the latest updates are smaller in scale. This is also the case for this May 2020 update, for many Windows 10 users there is little spectacular to discover.

WSL 2 -  Windows Subsystem for Linux 2

The biggest novelty is the addition of Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL 2), which relies on a full Linux kernel. The new version should significantly improve the performance of the Linux integration on Windows 10. This allows you to run Linux programs within Windows 10 itself. WSL2 performs up to 20 times faster than the previous edition, making it compatible with more Linux software. The kernel will be updated via Windows Update and is open source, so everyone can participate in further development and improvement.

GUI app support and GPU hardware acceleration for Linux are not part of WSL 2 for now, but will be added in a future update.


Sometimes a reinstallation of Windows 10 is unfortunately necessary. This used to be time consuming and tedious, but it gets easier with every update. This May 2020 update introduces the option to install Windows 10 'via the cloud.'

So you no longer have to look for the installation files yourself and then put them on a USB stick, et cetera. You will soon find the option under Settings, System Restore, Start over with a clean installation of Windows.

Search function improved

In Windows Explorer, the search function has been drastically improved. Finally search suggestions are given based on the files in folders and subfolders. Files you have stored on OneDrive are also shown in the search results.


Another improvement is the way you connect bluetooth devices. This is done entirely via taskbar notifications, so you no longer have to search all kinds of different menus for the right button.


Postpone update

Prefer not to update just yet? This is very understandable because there is always a chance that the update will cause problems that you did not have before. Whether the Microsoft programmers made a crucial mistake. Fortunately, updates such as the May 2020 update can be postponed for up to a year. This way you can safely wait and see if other windows users experience problems with this update.