Microsoft's plans for Windows 10 in 2021

Published on 15 januari 2021

The first devices running Windows 10X may be in stores from the first half of 2021. The slimmed-down version of Windows 10 is intended as a counterpart to Chrome OS, optimized for PCs and tablets that lack computing power.

This is what the generally knowledgeable Windows Central writes in a preview of Microsoft's Windows 10 plans for the coming year. The period mentioned is in line with previous rumors surrounding the launch of Windows 10X.

Windows 10X has been in development for a while. Next month, the operating system would reach RTM status. RTM stands for 'release to manufacturers' and means that hardware manufacturers receive this version to install on their products.

At first, these are probably mainly 2-in-1 devices. Microsoft does not yet plan to release Windows 10X as a separate download. As a result, you cannot install it on any PC on your own. Also important to know is that there is no native support for Win32 software. Only UWP apps from the Microsoft Store work on it.

Stream software

Programs for which there is no UWP version yet may soon be available via streaming technology. Microsoft is said to be working on a service called Cloud PC. Software that is too heavy for a Windows 10X PC could still be run this way. You may need an Office subscription for it.

It is also interesting that Microsoft is considering allowing Android apps in the Microsoft Store, although no further details are known about this. Finally, two major feature updates are planned for Windows 10 itself in 2021. It is expected that the first (in the spring) will add little and that the second (in the fall) will be a lot of work.