Cleaning up your office

Published on 24 april 2020

Your office is often a collection place of post-it notes, documents, chargers, tea bags and pens. Do you want more overview and focus in the office? Then tidying up your office with the Marie Kondo method is a good idea!

Tidying up your office with the Marie Kondo method

You may have known for some time that Marie Kondo's KonMari method works ideally in your home. Maybe you've read the book Tidy Up! already read, watched the Netflix series or already tackled your own closet. But have you ever looked at your workplace? Cleaning your office with the Marie Kondo method can help you enormously to focus better on your work, better concentration and less stress. Wondering how to make your workplace completely Marie Kondo-proof? I will give you tips below! And of course also read Marie Kondo's new book Tidying up at work

Visualize your ideal workplace

Before you start cleaning up, it is important to have a vision and a goal. What do you want your workplace to look like? Why do you want to clean up? What kind of feeling should your workplace radiate? Put your vision on paper with pictures, make a Pinterest board or do it in your head. It doesn't matter how you do it, but a good vision will really help you with motivation and making choices.

Divide your things into categories

Now that you have created a vision of your ideal workplace, it's time to get started! Divide your things into categories: collect all the books in a pile, all the pens together, etc. By putting everything in a pile per category, you can see how much you have and can make good choices.

Does it spark joy?

Clear the categories in the following order: books, papers, komono (all other items), sentimental. By tidying up this way you go from the easiest to the most difficult category. Ask yourself with each object: does this still make me happy, does it fit in with my vision and do I really need this? I can imagine that a boring report doesn't necessarily make you happy... But if you throw it away and you still need it, you probably won't be happy with the consequences either. So make well-considered choices.

Tidy up!

Now that you have cleaned everything up, it is time to put your things back in a place. Keep the categories you created earlier together as much as possible so that everything really has a permanent place. This way it is easy to keep your workplace really tidy. Try to put as much as possible in the cupboards and drawers and as little as possible on the desk. Do you have containers in your office? Try to minimize them to an incoming container and an outgoing container.

Keep your office tidy

Yessss, you did it! You have tidied your office according to the Marie Kondo method! All you have to do now is keep it tidy. At the end of your working day, take 5 minutes to put everything back in its place so that you can start the next day at a tidy desk. Take some time every week to take a good look at the papers you have collected and determine what can be thrown away. This way your office stays tidy.

Hotbox 3 to keep your office tidy:

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