Don't miss out on the Fortnite World Cup

Published on 26 juli 2019

Today is finally the day, the biggest Fortnite event ever, the Fortnite World Cup. With a massive $ 30 million prize pool and the best players from around the world. This promises to be a real spectacle. The tournament can be viewed in different ways and there are even two additional events.

$ 30 million prize money

In the stadium, the players compete for 22,500 spectators. In addition, hundreds of thousands watch online. In addition to the prestige of the winnings, the players also have another motive: the prize pool. One hundred players will participate in the solo tournament on Sunday, and fifty duos will play on Saturday. By placing each player has already won at least $ 50,000.

Many players are teenagers. Placement in itself therefore means that your life can change considerably. The winners of each tournament will take home $ 3 million. In total, $ 30 million in prize money is distributed in New York, the highest prize pool in esports ever.

First a step back: how is the game going?

Simply put, players collect points by killing opponents and staying alive for as long as possible; whoever wins by remaining last gets the most points.

Okay, but what does a game of Fortnite with top players look like?

That is more complex than you may think: The 200 players who come together this weekend are not just there. According to Fortnite creator Epic Games, 40 million players attempted to qualify for the solo and duo tournament at Arthur Ashe Stadium. They had ten weekends for that in the past few months. So only the very best have now traveled to New York for the world championship.


Tomorrow the event will start with a creative tournament. A few hours later, another Pro-Am will take place. This is a duo tournament where Fortnite professionals play together with Fortnite amateurs. The group of amateurs mostly consists of well-known athletes, movie stars and musicians. Then we can follow the duo tournament on Saturday from 19:00. A total of six games will be played and the winners will be announced before midnight Dutch time. A similar timeframe will take place on Sunday, but then it will be the turn of the solo qualifiers.

Dutch and Belgians at the Fortnite World Cup

In the duo tournament, there are even five players from the Netherlands and Belgium who have a chance of winning the Fortnite World Cup title. The best known and best player in the Netherlands, mitri "Mitr0" van de Vrie, plays together with "Mongraal". This duo is considered by many as a favorite for the title and therefore a contender for the main prize.

The Dutch duo Quinten and "Lnuef" also have a chance during the final battle. In week ten, the very last qualifying moment, the Dutchman "Rojo" managed to qualify. Together with the Brit "Wolfiez".

Two Belgian players will also be present at the tournament. "Noward" will participate in the duo tournament with his Swiss duo partner "4zr". And the Belgian "DRG" is the only solo player from the Benelux who has qualified. All the more reason to keep a close eye on this Belgian before proceeding with the prices.

Where do you watch the Fornite World Cup?

The Fortnite World Cup takes place at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York. In total, 23,000 people will watch the final live in the stadium. Obviously that is not all the audience. Anyone with an internet connection can follow the event.

The tournaments can be viewed on the official Twitch, Youtube and Mixer channels of Fortnite. We also recommend that you follow everything via the Fortnite client itself. From the game you can follow a player of your choice live. In theory you could see the entire tournament from the perspective of for example "Mitr0".