Laptop on Installment without BKR

Published on 26 november 2019

Nobody likes to wait for their laptop. Whether you are looking for a gaming laptop, a laptop for school or a business laptop. You want one that can keep up with you so that nothing can stop you. Of course, this comes with a price tag. In3 is for people who do not like to spend their salary or student loans in one go. We offer a service that allows you to pay off a laptop in 3 installments at 0% interest and without BKR registrations. This way, the purchase of the new laptop will not be a drain on your bank account.

Buy a laptop in 3 installments at 0% interest and without BKR registrations

Buying a Laptop on installment without a BKR assessment is not always easy. When you want to buy a laptop and pay later.

How do you buy a laptop on installment?

If you choose in3 for the payment options, in3 will do a super-fast data check. You will know within a second whether or not you will be accepted for the chosen amount. In the case of approval, you will see the iDeal payment screen where you can pay the first installment immediately. After successful payment of the first installment, the product will be sent to your delivery address as agreed with the online store.

Term two and three follow after 30 and 60 days. We send two reminders per term via SMS and email. If payment is not made, we will also send one letter by post.

What do I do if I am rejected?

If you see an error message, it is best to contact in3 customer service directly by telephone or WhatsApp on 088 399 3333. In some cases we can still approve you manually! If that is not the case, we can always give you more insight into the rejection.

Are there any risks to using in3, buying a laptop in 3 installments?

No, no fine print or catches. You pay the full invoice within 60 days in three equal, free installments without BKR registration.