Microsoft Clippy is back and just as useless

Published on 22 november 2019

Microsoft Clippy is back, and just as useless as you used to be.

Who doesn't know him, Clippy, Microsoft's very present assistant? The annoying assistant has been retired for years now. Despite this, a programmer has decided to bring the assistant back to life. 

In the 1990s, there were few computers where he could not be found: Clippy, also known as Clippit, or Microsoft's virtual paperclip. The paperclip appeared out of place to give you tips at a Microsoft program. “I see you are writing a letter, do you want help with that?” was one of his questions, for example.


In 2001, maker Microsoft decided to stop using the virtual assistant Clippy, also known as 'agent'. That was a huge relief for many people. Nevertheless, the world-famous paperclip appears to have acquired a nostalgic value. Programmer Devran “Cosmo” Ünal, senior product engineer at lens maker Zeiss, also missed Clippy. That's why he brought it back.

And while Clippy was pretty useless in the 90s, it's even more useless now than ever!

The Microsoft assistant is currently only available on the Mac, but a Windows version is also in the works. After you install Clippy , it does nothing but show up everywhere on your screen. You can give the command to play an animation, but that's about it. So don't expect help from the world's most famous paperclip. By the way, the assistants Links (the cat) and Merlin (the wizard) are also available to help you with… absolutely nothing.

Clippy Nostalgia

Are you still not tired of the paperclip after installing Clippy on your mac, computer or laptop? There is a documentary of more than an hour on YouTube about the origin and demise of the well-known virtual paperclip.