Buy a laptop on installment without interest

Published on 08 augustus 2019

Nobody likes to wait for their laptop. Whether you are looking for a gaming laptop, a laptop for school or a business laptop. You want one that can keep up with you so that nothing can stop you. Of course, this comes with a price tag. In3 is there for people who don't like to spend their salary or student finance in one go. We therefore offer a service that allows you to pay off a laptop in 3 installments at 0% interest and without BKR registrations. This way, the purchase of the new laptop does not affect your bank account.

Enjoy your purchase without this affecting your bank account


How does in3 work?

Is a large expense not convenient but you do not want debts or extra costs? Then you choose in3. The only spread payment method without interest or loan and BKR registration. You pay in three installments within 60 days.

Step 1: Choose & Check

You choose in3 at checkout, the system does a super fast data check.

Step 2: First Payment & Shipping

You make your first payment immediately and the order will be shipped.

Step 3: Second & Third Payment

You make the second payment within 30 days and you make the third payment within 60 days.




Frequently Asked Questions:

You will find the correct answer to frequently asked questions on the Pay in 3 site