SKIKK green 14

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Microsoft Windows
Standard configuration
  • Screen: 14,0" Matte Full HD 60Hz (1920x1080)
  • Processor: Intel Core i7 Quad Core (4) 10510U 1.8GHz (4.9GHz) 8MB Cache
  • Memory: 16GB memory (SKIKK selected)
  • Storage SSD (M.2): 500GB SSD (SKIKK selected)
  • Graphics cards: Nvidia GeForce MX 250 with 2GB GDDR5
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A keyboard has a QWERTY or an AZERTY format. This refers to the first 6 letters on your top left keyboard. In the Netherlands we use QWERTY, in Belgium (mainly) AZERTY. NOTE: Actual keyboard layout and key shape may vary.
QWERTY-keyboard (US International-Nederlands)
AZERTY-keyboard (Belgisch)
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2Operating system

3Microsoft Office



Our Laptops and Desktops come standard with a 24-month carry-in warranty. Choose a longer guarantee to protect your investment. Or opt for a dead pixel guarantee. The laptop batteries are covered for a year and software is excluded. Opt for a 3rd year limited SKIKK warranty and only pay the costs of parts for a repair in the 3rd year.
24 months warranty
+ € 0,-
24 months warranty + 24 hours dead pixel warranty
+ € 9,-
24-month warranty + 365-day dead pixel warranty
+ € 39,-
24-month warranty + 365-day dead pixel warranty + Free Pick-up & Return
+ € 79,-
2 year warranty + 3rd year limited SKIKK warranty + 365 day dead pixel warranty + Free Pick-up & Return
+ € 99,-
12 months warranty
+ € 0,-


 "Super Magnesium Laptop" lighter than Titanium, Stronger than Steel


Both high performance and ultra-portable: the SKIKK Green 14's design is based on power and style. Redefine what is possible with our most powerful 14 "laptop yet. Perfect craftsmanship, built for the driven.

The SKIKK Green 14 is a powerful Super Magnesium 14 inch laptop, standard equipped with a 10th generation Intel i7 processor. Furthermore, this laptop is equipped with 16GB memory and has a screen with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, powered by an Nvidia MX250 graphics card. The laptop comes standard with a 500GB SSD and the device works smoother than comparable laptops with a conventional hard drive. Of course you can adjust these specifications below to your own wishes.


Lighter and more stylish than ever!

Weighing just 1.0kg, it is highly mobile for the multi-tasker who is often on the go. This model has a beautiful gun metal black finish.

Packed with power!

The SKIKK Green 14 with Intel® Core ™ processors. The 10th Gen Intel® Core ™ processor family is raising the bar once again with the latest Intel processors. They have better performance than ever, great entertainment and gaming, and a more natural and intuitive experience with your laptop.

Ultra narrow bezel display

Get more out of your viewing experience and focus your attention with minimal framing and maximum screen area.Equipped with a Full HD 1920 x 1080 IPS panel, you can expect consistent and accurate colors from all viewing angles. Unlike standard panels, IPS panels do not illuminate and have no resolution issues when playing fast-moving videos. This way you can also enjoy the latest films or Netflix series on the go.


Quick Charge Technology

Charge faster than ever before thanks to the SKIKK Quick Charge Technology


Backlit keyboard

The SKIKK Green 14 has a keyboard with white key illumination. Thanks to the different brightness settings, which ensure that the brightness can be adapted to your working environment, making typing easy in a dimly lit or even dark environment.


Our thinnest & strongest laptop!

At just 16.8mm thick, this laptop combines high performance while maintaining a slim profile. The high quality finish of Super Magnesium ensures a robust design that makes the laptop strong and durable.

"Super Magnesium" lighter than Titanium, Stronger than Steel

Super Magnesium has the potential to revolutionize many industries. Imagine that your laptop could be stronger while weighing a third less. This dream is now coming true. Until a year ago, Super Magnesium was only available for military and aerospace applications. But now it is available for consumer applications, such as the SKIKK Laptops.


The super light, super strong, environmentally friendly super metal

Magnesium is the lightest structural metal and is abundant in the Earth's crust and in seawater (it is the ninth most abundant element in the universe by mass). Magnesium is the third most commonly used structural metal, followed by steel and aluminum. With a density of approximately one-fourth of steel and two-thirds of aluminum, magnesium provides excellent opportunities for lightweight applications in the transportation (land, air and sea), power tools and 3C (computer, communications and consumer products) industries. With a modulus close to that of human bones and unique bio-resorbability in the human body, magnesium is also emerging as a biomedical material.

Where is magnesium found?

Magnesium is produced from seawater, brines and magnesium-containing minerals, which provide unlimited reserves. Due to its widespread natural appearance and the way it is harvested and processed, magnesium is considered the most environmentally friendly and sustainable metal in the world. Magnesium can be 100% recycled and dissolves naturally in the environment, leaving no trace.

The benefits of magnesium

100% recyclable
75% lighter than steel
50% lighter than titanium
33% lighter than aluminum

The lightest structural metal, magnesium has a density only slightly higher than that of plastics and glass / carbon fiber reinforced polymers.


Standard specifications
  • Series: Green
  • Screen: 14,0" Matte Full HD 60Hz (1920x1080)
  • Processor: Intel Core i7 Quad Core (4) 10510U 1.8GHz (4.9GHz) 8MB Cache
  • Memory: 16GB memory (SKIKK selected)
  • Storage SSD (M.2): 500GB SSD (SKIKK selected)
  • 2nd Storage SSD (M.2): No 2nd M.2 Flash memory included as standard
  • Graphics cards: Nvidia GeForce MX 250 with 2GB GDDR5
  • Thermal paste: Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut 12.5 W / mK
  • WiFi: Wi-Fi 6 Intel AX201 (802.11ax 2.4/5GHz, 2.4Gb/s) + Bluetooth 5
  • Keyboard: QWERTY-keyboard (US International-Nederlands)
  • Keyboard backlight: Illuminated (white)
  • Keyboard Type: Chiclet
  • Operating system: Windows 10 Home - trial version
  • Microsoft Office: No
  • Warranty: 2 years carry-in warranty
  • Dead pixel guarantee: Optional
  • Number of USB 2.0 ports: 1
  • Number of USB 3.2 ports (Gen1, 5Gb/s): 2
  • Number of USB 3.2 ports (Gen2, 10Gb/s): None
  • Number of USB-C ports (Gen1, 5Gb/s): 1
  • Number of USB-C ports (Gen2, 10Gb/s): None
  • Number of Thunderbolt ports: None
  • Thunderbolt version: None
  • Number of Mini DisplayPort ports: None
  • Number of HDMI ports: 1xHDMI
  • Highest HDMI version: Unkown
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
  • G-Sync: No
  • Screen diagonal: 14"
  • Panel type: IPS panel
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz
  • Screen coating: Matte
  • Display - Color range: 100% sRGB
  • Display Backlight: Direct-led
  • Display - HDR: No HDR
  • Display - Brightness (nits): to 300 cd/m²
  • Screen - Contrast: 700:1
  • Display - Respsonse Time: 14 ms
  • Display - Pixel Pitch: 0.0259 mm²
  • Display - Pixel Density: 157 ppi
  • Display - Viewing angle: 89º (L/R) 89º (U/D)
  • Microsoft® Hybrid Graphics: Yes
  • Audio - Chipset: High Definition Audio + SOUND BLASTER™ cinema 5
  • Audio - Channels: 2 channel HD Audio
  • Audio - Connections: Microphone-in and headphone jack-out
  • Audio - Speakers: 2 x 2W Stereo Speakers
  • Audio - Integrated Microphone: Yes, Array Microphone
  • Audio - S/PDIF: No
  • Ethernet (RJ45): Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mbps)
  • Maximum M.2: 2 x M.2 2280 Port
  • Maximum Hard Drive: None
  • Maximum memory (RAM): 16 GB
  • Maximum RAM (memory) speed: 2666 Mhz
  • Processor Support: 10th Generation Intel Core Processor
  • Webcam: 720P HD Webcam
  • Touchpad: Yes
  • Cardreader: No
  • Fingerprint sensor: No
  • Kensington Lock: Yes
  • Dimensions (W x D x H ): 320.2 x 214.5 x 16.8 mm
  • Material: Super Magnesium
  • Weight: 1.0 KG
  • Battery capacity (Wh): 46
  • Battery life: Up to 11 hours (in UMA mode)
  • Charging: Adapter
  • Power Supply: 65W
  • Color: Gun Metal Black
  • Security and encryption: TPM 2.0
  • Windows Hello: Facial recognition unknown
  • Security: Standard Security
SKIKK green 14
Perfecte prijs kwaliteit verhouding ???????????? ben zeer content met deze laptop. Gamen/kantoorwerk alles kan erop in een zeer compacte magnesium body!!
- Eric
SKIKK green 14
- Martijn
SKIKK green 14
- Timo
Skikk green 14 gekocht.
Superfijne ultrabook voor messcherpe prijs! Snel geleverd en top helpdesk!! Dikke aanrader voor top laptops voor nette prijs!
- Eric
veel waar voor het geld
Laptop (Skikk 14 Green) biedt veel waar voor het geld en er is in dit specifieke geval geen concurrent. Afwerking is lekker saai, precies zoals ik het graag zie. Klein probleempje met wifi adapter werd heel snel opgelost. Je merkt dat klanttevredenheid hoog in het vaandel staat.
- Martijn
uitzonderlijk licht
De SKIKK Green 14 heeft een 14"-scherm en een gewicht van 1 kilogram. Dat is uitzonderlijk licht voor een laptop van dat formaat. De prestaties van de cpu hadden beter gekund en er is maar 1 slot voor maximaal 16GB geheugen. Daar staat tegenover dat het scherm helder en scherp is en de maximale accuduur met 11 uur in MobileMark 2014 hoge ogen gooit. Er is een m2-slot vrij, zodat er ook nog een extra ssd kan worden toegevoegd. De laptop is een uitkomst voor mensen die een relatief compacte laptop met een zo laag mogelijk gewicht zoeken.
- Review

Can I play PUBG or Destiny 2 on my new SKIKK? Is my SKIKK fast enough to play CoD WW2? Are the system requirements for GTA 5 higher than my computer can handle? Can my graphics card meet the minimum or recommended for Assassin's Creed: Origins or Fortnite Battle Royal? Difficult questions. But evaluating whether or not your new SKIKK meets or exceeds the hardware requirements is our specialty.

How does it work?

Step 1 - CPU: Enter your processor, this is easiest by entering the type number of your processor, for example for Intel Core i7 Octa Core (8) 10875H 2.3GHz (5.1GHz) 16MB Cache, this is: 10875H

Step 2 - GPU: Enter your video card, this is easiest by entering the type number of your video card, for example for Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 this is: 2070 Note: if you have a laptop, type " mobile" to select the version for laptops.

Step 3 - RAM: Enter your RAM memory, do you have 16 GB of RAM? Then type 16.

Step 4 - Game: Enter the name of the game you would like to play, for example GTA or Call of Duty

green 14
green 14
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