SKIKK Kyla - Laptop Water cooling system

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Our Laptops and Desktops come standard with a 24 month warranty and free returns. Choose a longer warranty to protect your investment. The laptop batteries are covered for one year and software is excluded.

Our laptops and desktops come with a standard 24-month warranty and free shipping. Choose an extended warranty to protect your investment. Alternatively, opt for dead pixel coverage. Laptop batteries are covered for one year, and software is excluded. Choose a 3rd-year limited SKIKK warranty and only pay for replacement parts in the 3rd year.

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Portable water cooling for laptops with the SKIKK Kyla cooling system.

In a compact chassis of 186 x 203 x 75 millimeters, SKIKK combines a 120 mm radiator with fan, pump and fluid reservoir. This means that the SKIKK Kyla can also be carried in a backpack or bag if necessary, so that the extra cooling capacity is not limited to one location. The weight is low: including the coolant, the cooling system weighs 1.39 kilograms, with a dry weight of 1.18 kilograms. To completely fill the entire system (cooling unit and laptop), approximately 230 milliliters of coolant is required. The chassis itself has an elegant futuristic design, with software-adjustable RGB lighting elements to add some color if desired.

The liquid cooling system is powered by the laptop's power supply, with communication between the two devices provided via Bluetooth in combination with the SKIKK Command Center (software). This way, all USB ports on the laptop remain free for use.


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v1.5 magnetic -> Loki 16 III / Niflheim 17 II 13th gen RTX 4060, 4070,4080,4090 / Niflheim 17 II 14th gen RTX 4080 & RTX 4090