Why choose a laptop without an operating system

Published on 19 februari 2019

Relatively often we get the question why a user should 'should' choose a laptop without an operating system / windows, below we explain some of the important reasons in our opinion.


The term will not mean anything to many, but it has often been found that suppliers of well-known brands supply laptops with Windows and self-developed and / or third-party software that collects data in any way, distributes and or can affect the privacy of its user.

Bloatware is actually unwanted software in advance, which is supplied and / or installed in advance, but does not directly help the user to work with the supplied hardware. Think of games for example.

Because the Bloatware, certainly in combination with the applicable European GDPR rules, does not actually offer you anything, but does register your privacy and user behavior, we offer you the possibility to buy various models and versions without Bloatware, our laptops are only equipped with Windows and the necessary driver and hardware related software installations.

Own choice

Many users increasingly want to choose what operating system they want on their new laptop, this can be Windows, Linux, Ubuntu or various other types of operating systems.


It often happens that a laptop on which an operating system is already installed, the user does not have the option to work with Dual Boot (2 systems next to each other) or to perform a new installation, which can sometimes be limiting.


This is often related to the Bloatware component, by having software from the manufacturer / supplier it can happen that the laptop works slowing down in advance with regard to the optimal performance, software requires processor power and working memory capacity, the less on the laptop the better it can perform.