Which student laptop is best for you?

Published on 14 januari 2020

As a student, a laptop should not be missing from your arsenal to tackle your exams and thesis. But what requirements should a laptop meet for you? Do you want to work with specific software or should it be easy to take with you in your bag? Here you will find advice about which laptop you need for your studies.

School Laptop - Typing reports and taking notes

As a student you would like to have time for things besides studying. Therefore, choose a Windows laptop with an SSD and at least an Intel Core i3 processor if you use it for not too demanding tasks, such as typing reports and creating presentations. Or choose a SKIKK Green or SKIKK Air if you only type reports and put together presentations. These laptops are fast enough for that: such a laptop boots in 15 seconds and has enough computing power to multitask and even play some games or edit photos.

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Laptop for video editing and 3D applications

For the really heavy work, choose at least an Intel Core i7 processor. This means you don't have to worry about your laptop becoming slow and you can easily work on video editing and heavy calculations. If you need your laptop for 3D rendering and CAD applications, for example, choose a dedicated video card. You can also play a game after studying.

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Light laptop for on the go and easy to carry

If you're zipping from home to the lecture hall to the library every day, you don't want to take a big, heavy laptop with you. Therefore, choose a laptop of maximum 15 inches, so that it fits easily in your bag. Nowadays, many laptops are already thinner and lighter than a few years ago, but we still recommend going for a laptop that is lighter than 1 kg. This way you prevent an accident and you can take your laptop everywhere without any problems.

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