End-of-year tip: Buy a laptop for business and save

Published on 11 december 2019

2020 is approaching again: a great time to take a closer look at your finances. With a few simple interventions you can save a lot of money at the last minute.

Entrepreneur? Make some extra investments

Investments in business assets are an interesting deductible item. The most well-known deduction is the small-scale investment deduction (KIA), intended for entrepreneurs who make small to medium-sized investments.

If you have invested between 2,301 and 318,449 euros in your own company this year, you can claim part of this amount as a deductible item.

If you are still below that threshold of 2,301 euros, see if you can bring forward some investments. Please note: only assets that cost more than 450 euros are eligible for this. Some investments are also excluded from deduction. So check this out before you pull out your wallet. If you are close to the maximum limit, it is wise to extend planned investments over the New Year, so that those investments are still deductible.

Save VAT

As an entrepreneur, are you partially exempt from sales tax or did you start your own business during this year? Then keep an eye on how much VAT you have to pay. Anyone who charges less than €1,345 in VAT per year (after deduction of so-called input tax) may keep this full amount. If you are above this, but still below 1,883 euros, you can pocket part of this. This scheme is called the Small Business Scheme (KOR).

If you are reaching these limits, see if you can make some extra expenses for your company and still take advantage of this scheme. Perhaps you can bring forward certain investments, such as purchasing a new laptop.

Assemble your own laptop in 2019

It's not just a laptop, it's so much more. Like master artists hard at work in their field, we carefully observe the smallest details at every step of the production process. From the level of tension on each heatsink mounting screw, to the precise application of thermal grease to each CPU and GPU chip, every part is carefully maintained and every action expertly executed. For us, the production process is much more than just putting together a laptop. It is a form of art and tailor-made with love for you.

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Buying a business laptop

To make it as easy as possible for you, our experts have listed a number of favorites. These laptops have already been pre-configured by our specialists and are often available from stock, so you will receive your laptop quickly with an invoice in 2019.

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