We are not participating in Black Friday this year

Published on 10 november 2020

The end of the year is approaching. A period that we like to share with friends and family. Cosiness, warmth, being together, gratitude. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Midwinter, Thanksgiving, Pancha Ganapati or Hanukkah.

As you can tell from the title, we do not participate in Black Friday, below we would like to explain why we do not, because we have thought about it carefully.

Black Friday is not good for us and our planet.

It causes massive over-consumption of products. Products with huge discounts are much easier to throw away afterwards “because it costed almost nothing”.

Also, during this pandemic, it does not feel good to have to be responsible for the movenent of many people due to trips for offers, be it shop visits, showroom visits or pick-up orders at pickup points.

Furthermore, we must also mark the spot when it comes to this pandemic and the associated measures, by centering orders on a single weekend, we already know with the limited number of people who can work in our assembly and rma department due to the current measures. and we believe that everyone should be able to receive their order on time, regardless of when you order.

Discounts? We always have good prices.

We have nothing against responsible discounts, such as a price drop due to cheaper parts or a product that will soon have to make room for a successor (just take a look at our second chance page).

We also strongly believe in the motto "who gives irresponsible discounts is normally too expensive", this principle has become extra clear in recent years due to the fact that many large retailers are secretly increasing their prices in the weeks leading up to Black Friday & Cyber Monday. . In short; we prefer not to go along with this impulsive buying hype and just want to always offer good prices, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day!


As a sustainable company, we are increasingly focusing on ecological and environmentally friendly products. Products that are less harmful to the environment and that are made by people who have received a fair wage for this. And those values don't go together with days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Buy better, buy locally, buy sustainable

If you want to buy something, buy better, buy locally, buy sustainably, buy only what you need or what you would love to give to someone else.

Discounts are therefore always at the expense of SOMETHING and because we believe that our employees should also receive a normal salary, paid on time, but also the prospect of a job AFTER Covid-19, we believe that by not giving these discounts ( eccentric or not) we can keep our brand stable even after this period.

PS. Don't you as a customer want us to be able to provide you with a warranty in 16 months? Help entrepreneurs (not just us) by simply paying fair prices for products you want to order, also during Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

We do not organize special promotions on Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday, we are happy to participate in Small Business Saturday, Local Friday and Make Friday Green Again. These are all initiatives that encourage shopping locally at the independent Dutch retailer.

No idea where to start? Be inspired and take a look at our latest laptops or our favorite laptops.

Shop with thought, and buy with love.

Give your online store the opportunity to continue to advise, help and support you, now and in the future by paying fair prices.