SKIKK offers more customization options than any other brand

Published on 09 september 2020

Kampen, The Netherlands — SKIKK® announces that SKIKK products currently has the most extensively configurable laptops in the world. Even upgrade options that SKIKK does not have in its own range can be selected during the assembly.

Through a unique collaboration with various brands and distributors, users can now search in real time for products in their warehouses. This option can then be ordered directly by the user during the assembly of the laptop. If several distributors or brands offer the same option, the supplier with the most favorable price for the customer will be shown.

"We are proud to offer our customers even more comprehensive and unique capabilities and to create the world's most personal laptops"

This unique collaboration also ensures that the customer can always search for the most new or special products and brands.

 "It brings the SKIKK goal of 100% user adaptability one step closer"

What can you usually adjust or choose with laptops that you can put together yourself

  • Display
  • Graphics Card
  • RAM
  • Extra RAM
  • Storage
  • Extra Storage
  • Operating system
  • OS language
  • Keyboard
  • Thermal paste
  • WiFi & Bluetooth
  • Office
  • Power cable
  • Security
  • Warranty


New: For which options can you now search for cooperating distributors and brands that SKIKK does not offer as standard?

  • RAM
  • Extra RAM
  • Storage
  • Extra Storage


How does the option search with cooperating distributors and brands work?

Step 1:   Choose a SKIKK laptop or computer which you can configure


Step 2:  In this example we have selected "RAM Memory" and the option we are looking for is not listed. Below the options you will find a search field, in this field you can search by name, brand, product code or EAN number


Step 3:  In this example we searched for the name of the brand, in this case G.SKILL and clicked on the desired option.

The availability and price are requested in real time from the different brands and distributors. And the most advantageous for you as a user is shown.


SKIKK revolutionized personal technology with the introduction of custom laptops in 2003. We give the abilty to our users to configure "your most personal computer" with thousands of unique options and combinations. We are dedicated to our core belief to make the best products we can and at the same time move the industry forward to a greener and more user friendly state.

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