Customers speak: SKIKK 17LU70 Review

Published on 30 oktober 2020

At SKIKK we are naturally proud of our products and we would like to tell you that. But who better to talk about SKIKK and its products than our own customers.

That is why we regularly post articles with reviews and experiences from our customers. This time it is jvandemerwe's turn who recently posted a review on Technology news website Tweakers.


The pleasant surprise from Kampen

Review by: jvandemerwe

Product: SKIKK 17LU70



  • flat design
  • display
  • compose yourself
  • compatible with Ubuntu
  • standard 16Gb internal memory
  • energy efficient
  • DVD player (despite flat design)
  • USB-C connection


  • only 1 USB 3.2 connection
  • 2 USB 2.0 connections

Final verdict

Score: 5 stars


I decided to buy a SKIKK after I couldn't find anything at Dell (my own brand) within my budget with the desired specifications. But also in the context of "Support your local market" during corona I decided to go for SKIKK (which in my dialect means "fun").

SKIKK laptops are made almost around the corner from us in Kampen and the specifications and the support offered are impressive.

An additional purchase impulse was that I could put the laptop together according to my wishes (operating system, more memory, more disk, yes even the thermal paste).

Nevertheless, I was skeptical, partly because it is a considerable investment and I use the laptop professionally and have actually only worked with Dell or HP in all those years. I also know from experience that I could run into compatibility problems.

The latter was unjustified afterwards, after the Ubuntu installation everything worked as hoped. Even the Bluetooth integrated on the wireless card turned out to be recognized without any problems after an update.

The first impression is that I am certainly not disappointed. I received the laptop faster than expected, then set up Linux on it and everything ran without any problem and as expected.

The keyboard is a bit "fairground-like" for my taste with the different colors, but I will get used to that.

In Ubuntu the backlight was always on by default and not changeable. So I permanently had a blue backlight. I was able to solve this with some instructions from a SKIKK employee. (see also the images).

I am using Pop.OS (an Ubuntu based Linux) and have been able to assign the backlight to the corresponding function keys using the link below. I just followed what has been explained in this article.

The specifications are impressive. An Intel Core I7 10th generation and standard a 500Gb SSD which can also be adjusted to the desired model during the configuration at purchase. An extra disc can also be added.

I bought the configuration with 32Gb internal memory and 2 500Gb Samsung EVO's disks.

The small power adapter (only 48 Watt) was striking, for a 17 inch laptop.

The graphics card is fine, but I use this laptop for business purposes and not for gaming.

It is striking that the laptop (without further tweaks) is very quiet. However, when heavy work is done, the fan does make itself heard.

If the laptop continues to work as the first impression promised now, then I am a more than happy user of my 17 ", slim build, SKIKK with a 10th generation i7, 32Gb and lots of disk space. And the screen, although not a gaming laptop is beautiful clear and sharp, and despite its slim appearance, it also has a DVD player in it, which you rarely see.