SKIKK 17GKNR review

Published on 01 oktober 2020

The king of the Ryzen laptops, SKIKK 17GKNR

Review by: monkeyzmk

Product: SKIKK 17GKNR

Two days ago I got the AMD Ryzen laptop 17GKNR, launched by SKIKK. After using it for two days, I found it was a really good laptop so I'll share my experience with you guys.

First, let's summarize the full text. If you look at this section, you will know if the SKIKK 17GKNR is worth buying. First of all, the screen is currently the only 144HZ 72% NTSC model with a high color gamut on the market, and the display size has reached 17.3 inches, which makes it all that bit clearer.

Then the 73W TDP 4800H processor from AMD, gives excellent performance in this Ryzen notebook. The standard 16 GB dual-channel memory will save additional costs in the future. And the new version of RTX 2060 can be maintained above 1.7 GHz. The cooling module with five heat pipes, double fans and four air outlets has strong cooling performance.

This SKIKK 17GKNR has the design of the previous 17GK series, 17.3 inch narrow bezel screen, 144Hz high refresh rate + 72% NTSC high color gamut, and a good gaming experience can be obtained even without a monitor.

SKIKK uses a pure black body, the overall line is very cool, there is not too much decoration on the top, just two diagonal lines running through the top and bottom, and a decorative carbon fiber panel on the back.

The inside of the SKIKK 17GKNR is equipped with a full-size RGB backlit keyboard, which has a uniform lighting effect in low light, and the keycap feels very delicate.


There is also a power mode button on the left side of the power button, this button can be considered as the unique option of SKIKK 17GKNR. Use this button to switch from normal mode to power mode. This enables the overclocking option via the SKIKK Command Center software. This will give you the maximum possible performance. Partly because of this, the CPU performance of SKIKK 17GKNR can be far ahead of other machines that also use a 4800H processor.

There's a high-definition camera and a microphone at the top of the screen, which are enough for video conferencing and more than just speech.


SKIKK 17GKNR has a large number of heat dissipation openings on the bottom. These cooling vents allow cold air to smoothly enter the interior of the hull, helping improve overall heat dissipation capacity. Through these openings you can faintly see the internal components and two huge cooling fans.


The SKIKK 17GKNR has two air outlets for each fan and has a total cooling configuration with dual fans and four air outlets. According to SKIKK official information, the number of heat pipes is 5. This heat dissipation configuration can be considered the highest level of cooling among the Ryzen laptops of the same level.


Thanks to the three-sided narrow bezel design, other gaming laptops on the market with a thick bezel look a bit silly. Thanks to the thin bezels, this 17.3 "laptop feels like roughly a 15.6" laptop.


The SKIKK 17GKNR's ports are mainly concentrated on the back and sides of the laptop. The back has two miniDP ports, an HDMI port, a USB-C 3.2 port and a power adapter port.


On both sides of the laptop are two USB 3.0 ports and a USB 2.0 port, a gigabit wired network port, a set of 3.5mm audio ports and a card reader.



CPUZ 1.92 can fully recognize the R7 4800H CPU, with eight cores and sixteen threads, the highest core frequency can reach 4.2GHz. It's worthy of the 7nm process that makes the laptop processors that AMD has always been weak for now excel.

In the tough CineBench R20 test, the multi-threaded score was 4409cb, the single-threaded score was 477cb and the duo thread rate was 9.24 times.


The solid state drive was tested by the AS SSD software and the overall speed was 2793 points, which is a high level in the NVMe solid state drives.

The professional 3DMark evaluation software that best reflects graphics performance. First look at the graphics card specifications of GPUZ, RTX 2060, 1920CUDA, and the nominal boost frequency is 1350 MHz.



In the 3DMark TimeSpy DX12 project, the SKIKK 17GKNR achieved a total score of 6531 points with its excellent performance, of which the graphics score was 6233 points.


In the FireStrike project representing DX11, SKIKK 17GKNR scored 15,696 points, of which the graphics score was 16,751 points.


Using the RTX2060 graphics card that supports real-time ray tracing technology, we are also testing the PortRoyal project in 3DMark, which scored 3,495 points.


Cooling is the most important thing for a gaming laptop next to the hardware configuration, because no matter how good the performance, it takes a powerful cooling system to support it. In the XTU software built into the machine, we changed the normal mode to the power mode and enabled the CPU overclocking option. First, we use the AIDA64 FPU, After a period of stability, we use HWinfo to read CPU power consumption and temperature, and use CPUZ to observe the frequency changes. The CPU power consumption is basically stable between 69-71W, and the frequency jumps between 3.7-3.8 GHz. The CPU temperature reached 94.3 degrees Celsius at this point.

Then we joined it at Furmark. After the graphics card was added, the CPU power consumption was reduced to 54W, the frequency was 3.25 GHz and the temperature was 94.3 degrees Celsius. If we observe the situation of the graphics card through GPUZ, it turns out that the core frequency is as high as 1740 MHz and the temperature is only 69 degrees Celsius.



It is always nice to see what the internal parts of this SKIKK 17GKNR look like. After loosening all the screws at the bottom, the bottom can be removed. In general, the internal finish is quite regular. There is also a heat dissipation sticker on the bottom housing for cooling the SSD.


This heat dissipation module is very large, with 5 heat pipes running through the CPU and GPU, of which 4 heat pipes are simultaneously responsible for dissipating heat for the CPU and GPU, and a smaller heat pipe for dissipating heat from the GPU power supply.


Pay close attention, the density and thickness of the heat dissipation fins are very large, and the dual fan and four outlet design provides high-quality dissipation for the heat from the chip to the outside environment.

The memory is standard a Corsair DDR4 2666 module. But I opted for 2x 8GB 2666 Mhz. memory .. The dual channel performance is better for a single channel, especially the AMD Ryzen platform. The improvement effect is obvious.

The wireless network card uses the INTEL AX200, WiFi6 protocol. According to the information on INTEL's official website, this would reduce delays by 75%, increase bandwidth capacity by 4 times, and also support Bluetooth 5.1.


Through the above series of tests, it is not difficult to discover that the SKIKK 17GKNR can be considered the most powerful AMD Ryzen gaming laptop on the market. Has a super high operating frequency. Coupled with the 17.3-inch 144HZ gaming display with high color gamut, it can be said to be the current king of the Ryzen.