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Published on 07 februari 2020

Linux is an extraordinary computer operating system. It's everywhere from the United States Department of Defense to the International Space Station and most of the world's Internet servers and supercomputers. The reasons for this aren't hard to find: it's fast, reliable, versatile, and super secure, so it's resistant to viruses.

Being Open Source, it is infinitely flexible and allows anyone to do anything with their computer. Despite its tremendous advantages over traditional operating systems, we recognized that the biggest barrier to Linux's success on desktop computers was that it was not user-friendly enough. Linux-based operating systems were generally built for engineers by engineers, with little regard for regular users.

Choice of Linux distributions

With our Linux Mini computer or Linux laptop, you can choose from: Ubuntu, Elementary OS, Zorin OS CORE or no operating system (you install this yourself). Prefer a different Linux distribution? You are free to install other Linux distros yourself! However, we do not offer (helpdesk) support for Linux. In addition, all our products simply work with Windows.

Zorin OS Laptops & desktops

Zorin OS has decided to fix this. They designed Zorin OS to have the perfect combination of power and usability for everyone. Zorin OS is built to be as simple as possible, so you don't need to learn anything to get started thanks to its familiar user interface. It comes with all the apps and tools you need for surfing the web, working, playing, and everything in between.

Bringing together the power of Linux and making it possible for anyone to use it, we've developed an operating system that makes your computer better so you can accomplish more than ever before. And the best part is that you no longer need an expensive Windows license.

Zorin OS & SKIKK Laptops

Zorin OS brings together the most advanced Open Source software so that you can use the full potential of your computer.

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