CASE STUDY: robust laptop / portable computer solution for use in the aviation industry

Published on 19 april 2019

1. Introduction customer

Our client is a startup, located in the Startup Village at the Amsterdam Science Park. Their team consists of a university lecturer and five graduates in the Artificial Intelligence Masters. Their extensive knowledge of Computer Vision and Machine Learning enables them to tackle the most challenging tasks.

2. Description Case

Can SKIK help you put together a robust laptop/portable computer solution for use in the aviation industry. Currently they have solved this by means of a laptop in a suitcase. However, they want a more robust solution for this that is less sensitive to overheating. We expect to purchase 3 to 5 copies in 2018 if the design is satisfactory.

 3. Key Requirements

The new system must have the following specifications:

- Processor i7-8750Hn

- Video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

- RAM 16GB or more

- M.2 Flash Memory 500GB SSD


- 4G Module

4. Solution

Thanks to the extensive network of suppliers, we have been able to offer the customer a suitable solution. A 15.6-inch laptop from the Skikk brand was chosen, which of course meets the customer's wishes with regard to the other specifications. This is placed in a robust yet light and handy case. In this case, it can remain standing during use and can even be placed at an angle and higher if desired. This increases usage when working on the laptop and assessing information.

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