SKIKK introduces 16” gaming laptops

Published on 05 april 2019

The new SKIKK 16” laptops feature a 16.1-inch Full HD 144Hz display, which is a more manageable and compact design. The new SKIKK 16” laptops are available in three beautiful versions. You can choose from an Nvidia GeForce 2060 , 2070 Max-Q or even a 2080 Max-Q graphics card. And as may be expected from SKIKK, you can put this laptop together yourself. This is the most affordable laptop with a 16.1” display, and is also equipped with a specially designed RGB keyboard, a spacious trackpad with built-in fingerprint scanner, faster SSDs, wide stereo sound, and options for up to 64GB of RAM. All reasons why the new SKIKK 16” is the perfect notebook for on the go, at home or in the office.

Full HD 144Hz display

The new SKIKK 16” laptops feature a beautiful 16.1-inch Full HD 144Hz display with a resolution of more than 2 million pixels. Text and images are therefore displayed razor-sharp. And the new SKIKK 16” laptop also has an HD camera built in. The very thin screen bezels ensure that the large 16.1” screen can be integrated into a compact design.

Fingerprint scanner

SKIKK 16” laptops also feature a fingerprint sensor built into the glass of the touchpad. This allows you to unlock your SKIKK in no time and verify your identity quickly, easily and securely.

RGB keyboard and best trackpad

The SKIKK 16” laptops are equipped with an RGB keyboard with which you can type even more precisely and faster. Each key is individually backlit with low power LEDs for even better illumination of the keys. The new SKIKK laptops also feature the very best trackpad out there.

More intense sound that completely immerses you

Thanks to the more advanced speakers and sound processing technology of SoundBlasterX® Pro-Gaming 360˚, the 16” SKIKK laptops offer better sound quality and audio is played in wide stereo, allowing the user to truly immerse themselves in a movie or music. The speakers are up to 5 times louder and have twice the bass depth than previous generations. This makes the sound even richer and the dynamics more spacious.

More power

The new SKIKK 16” laptops are equipped with an eighth-generation Intel Core i7 processor, a choice of Nvidia GeForce 2060, 2070 Max-Q or even a 2080 Max-Q graphics card and a faster 2400 MHz or 3000 MHz working memory up to a whopping 64 GB. And thanks to many innovations, the CPU power has increased by 3% and the GPU power by 7%.
So these laptops have everything you need for daily tasks, whether it's organizing photos, surfing the internet, making presentations, gaming or watching and editing videos. And thanks to the options for 2x an m.2 SSD and in addition a 2.5” HDD or SDD, a storage capacity of up to many terabytes is possible.

Quieter and cooler

The new SKIKK 16” laptops are equipped with a completely new generation of fans, the blades are only 0.2 mm thick and are closer together. This increases the number of fans from 29 to 53 blades and moves 15% more air. In addition, the heatsinks have been redesigned and the total capacity has increased by 18%. Thanks to these innovations, the laptops are up to 17 degrees cooler than the previous generation. The chassis temperature is even up to 15% cooler. In silent mode, the noise production has decreased by 25 decibels, which is up to 6x quieter than the previous generation. In the new HyperPerformance mode, average noise production is only 50 dB.

New and more manageable design

The new SKIKK 16” laptops contain all these features in a new and unique design. The laptop is now even more compact and handy and is only 1.9 cm thick at its thickest point. And it weighs only 2.1 kg; 400 grams lighter than the previous generation of notebooks.

Prices and availability

The new SKIKK 16” laptops, with an entry-level price of €1649, can be ordered from today at and through authorized SKIKK resellers. Full technical specifications and all customization options and accessories can be found at

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