Work super fast thanks to SSD

Published on 14 januari 2021

Finished waiting to open a large file? Do you need to be able to move your photos and videos super fast? An SSD offers a solution. High time for an upgrade to a modern laptop. We tell you how, so what are you waiting for?

Hard disks

You already know the hard drive: the part in the laptop where all files are stored. A traditional hard disk consists of one or more round plates, on which the information is stored via a movable arm with read and write heads. The coil on this arm generates a magnetic field and thus writes the information. The traditional hard drive has now received competition from the Solid State Drive, or SSD for short. One of the advantages of an SSD is the fact that no moving components are used. An SSD works a lot more smoothly than a traditional hard disk and is also a lot lighter. It is therefore nice that modern laptops are increasingly equipped with an SSD.

Fast, faster, fastest

A modern laptop with Windows 10, an Intel Core processor and an SSD therefore guarantees super-fast operation. You notice this in various areas. It starts with the boot of the laptop: thanks to the SSD, the Windows 10 environment appears in a flash and you can get started quickly. Waiting a long time during the startup of the operating system is therefore a thing of the past. If you then want to load your favorite app or a large video file, you will immediately notice that this is also a lot smoother. Information on an SSD is quickly found and loaded.

Different sizes

Like traditional hard drives, SSDs are available in a variety of sizes. Each capacity has its own price. Which capacity you ultimately choose is largely determined by the activities for which you use your laptop. If you often work with large files, such as photos and videos, don't save on storage capacity. Take this requirement into account when selecting a suitable laptop.

In addition, it is wise to use an online storage service, such as OneDrive ( This does not have to cost anything extra, because with Microsoft 365 (Microsoft Office) you now get no less than 1 TB OneDrive storage per user. You can choose to store certain files online only, so that they no longer take up space on the local disk. As soon as you need them again, OneDrive automatically makes them available on your laptop. Useful! Do you want to see how much space you are currently using? In Explorer, right-click the hard drive and select Properties. On the General tab you will find the details on the lines Used and Available.


Disc in top condition
In Windows 10 we find several tools to check the health of the drive and keep the drive in good condition. Open the Explorer (use the key combination Windows + E) and right-click on the hard drive. Select Properties and open the Tools tab. Click the Check button in the Error checking box to check the health of the disk and fix any errors. In the box below you will find the Optimize button. Click this if you want to optimize the drive so that it works more efficiently. It's nice that Windows 10 can also take care of any external drives. This way you can be sure that all drives are performing well at all times and your data is safely stored.


Without a fight

As you have read, an SSD does not contain any moving parts. This offers additional benefits. For example, an SSD is more resistant to shocks and bumps. Compared to a traditional hard drive, your valuable data is therefore better protected at such times. Of course, it is wise to always be careful with your laptop and always have a recent backup of your data on hand, but the increased reliability of an SSD is an advantage that suits mobile use well. SSDs have been on the market for some time now and you benefit from that. The prices of this part are considerably lower than during the introduction of the technology. This makes SSDs available for a large group and makes it less and less attractive to opt for a traditional hard drive.

Choosing the right laptop

An SSD is a good reason to consider a modern laptop. If you opt for a modern laptop from SKIKK with Windows 10 and Intel Core processor, then you have the perfect combination and you are assured of a laptop that is prepared for the future. Windows 10 takes into account the unique characteristics of an SSD and ensures that the performance of this storage is fully utilized. If the advantages of an SSD appeal to you, make sure during the selection whether your favorite laptop is equipped with this technology. This way you can be sure that waiting is a thing of the past.