SKIKK introduces Pantone Certified Laptops

Published on 06 november 2020

Kampen, The Netherlands - SKIKK has announced several laptops with new screens that have achieved the Pantone Validated certification.

"During editing, you can see all the colors in the spectrum accurately. The display is certified by Pantone. Pantone makes color codes for the design world. A quality mark means that this laptop meets the requirements for true-to-life color accuracy."

What is Pantone?

Pantone is well known by designers and other professionals who work a lot with color. The Pantone Matching System (PMS) standardizes color to ensure consistent hues. This eliminates guesswork in color matching, which is a big deal. "Almost" is not good enough. Plus, the Pantone Color of the Year influences trends every time it's announced. But most people associate Pantone with products made of paper, plastic or fabric. So why is a hardware brand like SKIKK joining Pantone or the designer circle? In the digital age, digital color is key. Most design and color-focused creativity starts on a laptop screen. That's why SKIKK is one of the first personal laptop hardware manufacturers to seek and earn Pantone-validated certifications.

The advantages

The advantage of obtaining Pantone Validated certification includes links to PantoneLIVE. PantoneLIVE is a cloud-based digital version of the Pantone color library. The goal is for everyone in a creative coloring process to have access to the same color values ​​for each job. The concept is great, but it presents challenges.

A frequently heard question is finding the right laptop screen for your creativity. This is where Pantone Validated Certification comes in handy. The certification tests the display's ability to accurately reproduce Pantone colors. Only displays that can reproduce a certain percentage of Pantone colors earn the Pantone Validated label. The test includes thousands of colors. This eliminates guesswork. So if a designer needs a reliable display, all he has to do is make sure it's Pantone validated. If so, they can be confident that the Pantone colors on the screen are accurate.


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