is looking for a Customer Care employee

Published on 02 november 2021

How are you?

Since you are on this vacancy, probably looking for (other) work? Top! We are looking for an extra colleague.

In our company,, things are actually going quite well at the moment, but we do notice that the work requires more time from us than we can handle. you that it is time to look for a colleague.

What are we actually looking for? Well, someone who helps us with the following tasks:
- Answering the phone - Picking
up chats
- Managing Whatsapp - Supporting
the Technical Service - Approaching
- Making proposals
- Advising customers

Just really a 60/40 relationship between commerce and technology.

We are a European brand that makes hardware personal, our customers / potential customers call / text / chat daily with questions about our offer and the possibilities.

We'd love for you to be on top of that! Together with a few other colleagues, we manage all incoming communication via a central system, which is nice and simple, handy and practical. Especially nice because it is currently possible from home.

Would you rather have a real office? No probs, we also have, we are not very present, but there is.

Would you perhaps like to work with us? TOP!

You must meet certain conditions, we will list a few that we find interesting:

- Have some IT knowledge, our questions are about why 2x 16GB ram in a laptop is better than 1x 32GB.....
- Have a feel for IT/Hardware, laptops are nice when they do it, but when they don't ( more), you must also be able to understand why not and help the customer to solve it anyway, or request an RMA if there is no other option.. : (
- Being commercially oriented, this does not mean that you have to be able to do everything sell, but that you think in solutions with us and that you also know how to offer customers an alternative.
- Able to work together well, your colleagues are quite the IT freaks and are also socially oriented and like a pointless conversation every now and then.

Would you like to work for a fast-growing hardware supplier? Please email your resume and don't forget to introduce yourself .

People do business with people, not resumes or documents.

A personal greeting,