SKIKK and the environment - where are we in November 2021?

Published on 04 november 2021

As a sustainable company, we are increasingly focusing on ecological and environmentally friendly products. Products that are less harmful to the environment and that are made by people who have received a fair wage for this.

Let's start with the most important: "How are we doing?"

Since January 2021, we have saved the following amount of CO2 by, for example, switching to more sustainable materials and ways of production and/or compensated by protecting and planting forests worldwide together with WWF. Many companies use production forests for a kind of greenwashing of their company, but this is not a sustainable solution. The trees that we plant and protect together with WWF therefore remain perpetually existing and managed, so they are not production forests.  

Our WWF colleagues and partners in Brazil are in the middle of the planting season, from September to February. Thanks to, among others, SKIKK, which supplied 1666 trees, WWF can restore more than 200 hectares in the Atlantic Rainforest! About 2,000 seedlings are planted per hectare. In March 2022, the rainforest will therefore have about 400,000 more trees.

We have now saved and/or compensated more than 40 thousand kilos of co2. And because SKIKK has now planted and/or protected 1666 trees perpetually together with WWF, they are already absorbing more than 33 thousand kilos of co2 per year.


Trees planted and/or protected together with WWF by SKIKK:   

SKIKK plants trees1666  

Co2 savings and/or compensation:

Total compensation (2021) : 20,147.60 KG
Total compensation : 40,027.52 KG


What are we going to do "extra" in the coming period?

For our laptop bags and sleeves we are going to switch to an environmentally friendly way of producing, so we are going to use eco cotton. using recycled PET bottles and plastics found at sea. Just as sturdy and beautiful, but better for the environment.

And our accessories such as docking stations and cables are getting new sustainable packaging.


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