Our new colleague: Even

Published on 04 juni 2021

Introducing.. my name is Even (ha-ha), 25 years old, living in Heerde
and partly in beautiful Kampen. I am a people-oriented, social person who is creative in
thinking and acting. Through my years of experience with customer contact, I know a
message from person to person and I get the best in every situation

Music and nightlife is important to me, when it was all possible I was standing each
weekend behind the turntable in addition I organized my own events full of
conviviality. Wingerz is the name of the party I regularly threw in Zwolle. I DJ during
these parties under the name 'Jix' and that is super cool!

As the name Wingerz says, my passion lies in the aviation industry. My dream as
I want to be a pilot and I will make it happen!

Online I came across a super cool vacancy from SKIKK that immediately appealed to me. In the role
of Customer Service Representative I am the spider in SKIKK's web. Many customer questions
I interact with various departments within the organization. My communicative and
teamwork skills will keep the web strong! The training as
pilot costs something of course and I will have to work hard in the coming time to get the
to obtain financing.