Customers have their say: Toxic_Dreams

Published on 13 juni 2019

At SKIKK we are of course proud of our products and we would like to tell you that. But who can tell better about SKIKK and its products than our own customers.

That is why we regularly post articles with reviews and experiences of our customers. This time it is the turn of Toxic_Dreams which recently posted a review on Technology news website Tweakers.


Skikk 15RF50 Review

"The SKIKK 15RF50. A laptop from Laptop Plus BV and a very good one too. The screen is fantastic: 4K AMOLED, the specifications are top notch: i7 9750H and an RTX 2070 and the laptop feels sturdy. There are also some negatives, this you can read in the extensive review. "


Click here to view the extensive review on Tweakers.