Color-blind? Color filters on SKIKK products help you see colors

Published on 09 september 2020

Are you color blind? You can install special color filters on SKIKK laptops and computers that ensure that you can clearly distinguish green, red and blue. In this tip you can read all about these color filters for green, red, blue and shades of gray.

With the special color filter software for color blind people you can ensure that the colors on the screen are adjusted, so that you can better see the difference between red, green and blue.


How to use high contrast mode in Windows 10

Low contrast text can be difficult to read for people with low vision. For example, there are websites that have bad color combinations, such as blue links on black backgrounds. They are not easy to read, even for people with perfect eyesight, and can be practically invisible to people with visual impairments. Highly contrasting colors make reading on your PC faster and easier.

Enable or disable high contrast mode

  1. Select the Start button, then select Settings> Ease of Access> High Contrast.
  2. To enable high contrast mode, turn on the toggle under Enable high contrast. Windows can display a wait screen of several seconds after which the colors on the screen change.
  3. Select the theme that works best for you from the Choose a theme drop-down menu.
  4. To turn off high contrast mode, turn off the toggle under Enable high contrast. Windows can display a waiting screen of a few seconds after which the colors on the screen are restored.

Andere software

Visolve by Ryobi System Solutions

By means of a filter, colors can be better distinguished by adjusting colors, making them lighter or darker. The application for shading colors is unique. The latter is very useful for reading maps or diagrams, for example.

The possibilities of Visolve:

  • Red / Green filter: red lighter, green darker
  • Blue / Yellow filter: blue lighter, yellow darker
  • Saturation filter: increases the intensity of all colors
  • Filter: all colors darker except the chosen color
  • Shading: gives each color its own shading

Download: Visolve


Color blindness tests by Colorlite

By means of various tests you know whether you are color blind. You can do these tests on any SKIKK computer or laptop.

Take the test